Wiler Zeitung 15.12.2010

Mr. Dieter Langhart from the Thurgauer Zeitung (a Swiss newspaper) wrote on 17th June 2003:

The songwriter Gavin James impressed the audience with a wide variety of musical styles on Sunday evening in Idols Bar, Diessenhofen.
When he finished his classical guitar training Gavin left home to travel the world, making a living playing in bars, clubs, and on the street.
He travelled this way mostly with hitch hiking, for ten years. His songs are full of interesting and amusing songs from this time and after.
He played a wide range of music – from popular Blues songs to Folk and Rock. The well known songs sounded just as new in Gavin’s arrangements as his impressive repertoire of own compositions such as “Energy” and “Catch fire”.
Gavin James used “open tunings” in a totally original way to give flavour and authenticity to his varied songs from America, Scotland, Ireland, England and Russia. He played with vitality and feeling, lifting the atmosphere and mood of the audience in Diessenhofen. It was a special and entertaining evening for all at “Idols Bar”.